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Secure Entropy Technology

For the generation of private keys, secure random numbers are an absolute necessity. The generation of such random numbers is a non-trivial task and involves many risks.

On the one hand, random number generators (both hardware and software) could be deliberately undermined and, for example, deliver deterministic pseudo-random numbers. Due to unintentional errors, they could also provide numbers that do not use the full number space or are not actually randomly distributed. These cases can lead to a significant weakening of the generated keys and thus to a potential loss of Bitcoin. 

In order to prevent these errors, several entropy sources are cryptographically confidently and verifiably mixed in the Secure Entropy Technology (SET) method, whereby randomness also originates from at least one transparent auditable source, in our case as the result of multiple dice rolls.

This procedure ensures that even in the worst case, if all but one entropy source were compromised or defected, the generated key would still be secure.

Furthermore, it is possible by the protocol underlying of the SET to check with random sample surveys during the production process, if all entropy sources have been merged in the generation of the private key of the sampled Card Wallet. Any deviations will interrupt the production process and destroy the entire batch.