Payment methods

You can choose from the following payment methods in our online shop:


You will be redirected to the Coinfinity Checkout for Bitcoin payment. There you will receive a bitcoin address as a QR code from us. This QR code can be scanned directly within your Wallet app, your Wallet automatically recognizes all necessary data for the transaction (BTC address, amount, mining fee). After sending the transaction and 1 confirmation in the Bitcoin network (10 minutes on average), the order is rated successful and the Card Wallet will be sent to your address. You will then receive an electronic order confirmation.


If you select the payment method eps-Transfer in the webshop, you will be redirected to a central list by the participating banks. After selecting your bank, you will be connected to the login of your respective online banking. Once you have logged in, you will be charged via online banking via TAN drawing as usual – no further input, such as IBAN, amount or dealer, is required. You will then receive an electronic order confirmation.


With giropay you pay easily, quickly and securely by online transfer – on your computer, smartphone or tablet. To use giropay, you do not need to register extra. You simply use the online banking access data (PIN and TAN) from your bank or savings bank. You will then receive an electronic order confirmation.

Credit card

You can pay easily and securely with Stripe. You do not need an account with Stripe, all you need is a valid credit or debit card.